What now?

A few years back, the gorgeous chick on the Real Mums forums asked “what do you want to do before you die?”

I admit, I have few aspirations.

Well, not really – I actually have some overwhelmingly massive ones that are extremely hard to articulate. I tend not to put them in the ‘do before I die’ basket, however, as I damn well know that I can’t change the world, regardless of how badly I want to and how much it needs a bit of change. For me, that is a goal that cannot be achieved by me in this lifetime, so consider it a bit of a failure to add ‘change the world and have it stay changed’ to my ‘before I die’ list.

All I came up with at the time, the only thing that meant enough to me, was “See Aerosmith live in concert”. That’s it. I didn’t even want to meet them, as much as I loooooooove their music and how much their music has got me through (and still does regularly).

I do, however, admire the band, and particularly Steve Tyler’s incredible passion and drive for what he/they does/do. Just totally inspiring!

Short of raising the much needed funds to travel to the US to see them, I didn’t think it would happen. Especially as any and all funds raised go back into Real Mums in my bid to Change The World. It was kind of not happening.

Then, the miraculous happened! They announced an Australian Tour and I booked tickets (and Real Mums and my Other Goal just had to suck it up for a bit! I’d get back to them).

Tonight was the night. I was so excited! Sooooooooo excited that Grumpy Pants had to tell me to stop bouncing about before I gave myself a black eye.

We eventually made it, after stuffing a quick dinner in our faces ….

Inevitably – and as much of a denial as I was in – the audience were those which I had, back in 1989 when I made my way to the same venue to indulge in a little bit of Pink Floyd, considered ‘old’.

Men wearing brown jumpers and cream coloured Chinos with brogues, or sporting a bit of a (grey) handle bar moustache, accessorised with matching grey pony tails, bald spots, black leather pants, and black leather jackets.

Women were either decked out in black outfits matching those of their partners, or dressed like they were when Aerosmith last

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