What Pinky Did

The parenting interwebs were in a frenzy over the weekend, pitting ‘parenting camp’ against ‘parenting camp’ after news that baby expert, Pinky McKay let loose on her blog with some rather choice words.

Words that, quite frankly, I was unaware she knew (actually, not really, I’ve met her in person and had a lovely chat with her).

Considerably profanity. My respect for her escalated mildly.

Normally one to avoid even reading such articles or blog posts; I prefer to sit back and be extremely annoyed about such media hype and ‘mummy war’ starting and contemplate how, exactly, I can make any sort of difference to dampen this slightly, I did venture over to Pinky’s blog, Mummy Matters and have a bit of a read.

Well, she’s lost me, I thought to myself after reading it.

How frigging sanctimonious and unnecessarily nasty?!

Then I though,

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  1. As a health professional and mother I very much enjoyed reading this blog. It was refreshing to read such a balanced and very sensible point of view when it comes to the topic of parenting. There is so much debate about what is the ‘right’ way to parent, when in reality there is no single style of parenting that will match the needs of all babies and all parents because we are all different. Its obvious by your comments that you get this. You show respect for the right of others to chose what is right for their baby and family. Your balanced approach will undoubtedly help other mothers to put things in perspective and feel more comfortable about the choices they make. I wish others could ‘live and let live’ as you do. Well done! Rowena

    1. Hi Rowena,

      Thanks so much for taking the time to comment, it is greatly appreciated.

      I do try very hard to be respectful of everyone’s choices, balanced and unbiased. I figured someone had to do it! LOL

      Thanks again, I appreciate it. Hope to see you around more! 🙂

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