What planet do CSR Sugar live on?

You may or may not know this, but in a previous, BC life, I was a personal trainer. I worked with lots of women, and my speciality was weight and obesity management. I learnt how to read labels on foodstuffs that had labels and all kinds of metabological and physiological process relating to food at the body.

I had many a tantrum around the use of advertising in the form of an A4 piece of paper with “we only use vegetable oil so our fish and chips won’t cause weight gain” written in texta and stuck to the front window of the shop, and the blatan misuse of promotion and advertising around cholesterol and vegetable fats. It still makes me very cross.

I toddled off to uni after birth number one and I did stuff that involved a more detailed approach to nutrition and metabolism and physiology and, sad as it may sound, I really enjoyed it. Was fascinated by the whole process of how food works in the body, beyond what it tastes like.

Oh, and I love food.

So there I was, yeseterday morning, with a pack of “chocolate incing sugar mixture” that I have no idea why I had even purchased it. I don’t do packet mix stuff. No reason.

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  1. I couldn’t agree more Amanda. I don’t have any degrees in nutrition, but i have a lot of interest in this topic. Lots of people have a misguided view on what is and isn’t healthy, which really frightens me. I openly discuss with my children which foods are good for our body & this works really well for us. I find the hardest part is trying to educate my mum. The kids get offered chips, cordial, soft drink (which they won’t eat/drink – bless them) and all sorts of crap which my mum tries to convince us all are healthy since it’s low fat or made from corn!
    I also wish that every label would include the daily percentage.

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