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  1. It’s such a good point you make that sometimes PND presents as “too much of a good thing”. While I am fortunate that I have not suffered from PND, I have spoken to many women who have, and would like to point out another possible indication that things are not as they seem. Sometimes mothers with PND become avid gym goers and dieters. They are searching for some control via counting reps and bpms and calories or carbohydrate grams, while watching the figure on the scales go down. It’s usual for friends and family to then compliment them on their perceived improved appearance, when maybe we should be asking ‘are you ok?’.

    1. That’s an awesome point, Gabrielle – it can manifest in a variety of ways.

      The other thing I used to do was cook. Not at the level of 3-course, gourmet dinners that got more and more complex, but no one was allowed near the kitchen. It was my way of having some control, or feeling in control.

      Baking is another thing I see – the midnight baking, the baking more than ‘usual’ to the point of obsession.

      For want of a better word – but also in a need to convey it in a way others understand – it looks like an OCD of sorts (maybe it is genuine OCD for some, as part of the package)

      You’re dead right, though!

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