What to do ….

Two kids down, one already booked for a sleepover at a friend’s house on Friday after school, it seemed silly to let the opportunities available to us go.

However … what to do?

A brilliant flash of inspiration, and the probably very good idea to make use of a membership we’ve held for many years, a quick look online and we’d booked a hotel – a resort – we’d been to before, and loved. I can highly recommend the Novotel Forest Resort at Creswick.

It’s a beautiful place, the food is amazing, and the staff, ALL of the staff are just wonderful.

No kids this time, however, and we intended to make the most of the weekend.

“Dirty weekend, huh?” said absolutely everyone that we mentioned we were buggering off for the weekend to.

That, obviously, was one option.

Exhaustion, however, appeared to prevail and we managed to drag ourselves out for a most scrumptious three-course-dinner before collapsing into a fatigued heap in the king-sized bed at our disposal.1

One that hadn’t been jumped all over by the kids.

One that hadn’t all its coverings twisted into some sort of mess.

I was woken at 9.00 the next morning by Grumpy showering. This is not a time I’ve woken for a very, very long time.

Down to the All You Can Eat (or, as my fourteen year old refers to it, the Eat Everything In Sight) buffet for breakfast, before wandering off for a Very Long Walk.



Clearly the week/last few weeks/last few months/the Very Long Walk and worn us out as we wandered back to our room and promptly fell asleep for several hours.

Awaking just in time to think about more food …

Priorities, people, priorities.

We drove into the local town, but nothing appealed, so back to the hotel for their ANZAC Day Buffet Special thingo they were doing.

“How was your day?” asked the obsequious, and highly cheerful waiter.

We explained how we basically did bugger all and it was just what we needed.

“… and then we slept for a few hours, but we managed to drag ourselves out of bed to come here for dinner,” explains Grumpy Pants.

“Yes, in the true spirit of the ANZACs, we soldiered on.”

I may have kicked him. Then laughed.

Crashing and burning again, I couldn’t help but reflect how the body and brain go into shut down when you stop for a moment.

Possibly a survival thing, but I was also extremely happy to just go with it.

Sadly, this morning we were required to check out. There was kicking and screaming and gnashing of teeth about the prospect. A quick call to the kids to see how they went with their ANZAC day, and advising them where we were and what we did and the reaction from Monkey Boy, who demanded to know why we went without him, reassured us and made us feel much better.

A slow drive home was in order, complete with a coffee at the nearby Chocolate Mill, a brisk walk up Mt Franklin, and a stop off at the Goldfields Cheese Farm where we indulged in a rather delicious cheese platter …



Arrive home to a Chippie, curled on the couch watching TV, where he’d apparently been all day, and his Aunt who was enjoying the quiet … I think we’ve all been affected by all the feels, and all the tired.

T’will be nice to ease into the week down two children. Or not. Sometimes just jumping into the chaos is makes it all much easier to deal with.

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