9 Replies to “What to Expect When You Become a Published Author”

  1. Ima say to you what I say to all my friends who are published authors – “you suck”. I’m soooooo jealous …seething with jealousy, but ever, ever so happy for you. Congrats.

  2. You just called yourself an AUTHOR.
    How much does that rock! 🙂

    And as Cate – I too am SO envious! *Furiously starts typing away at my half finished book*

  3. Thanks guys! Much appreciated!

    And just so you know how significantly life has changed for me …. erm, the hallway is even more precarious and dangerous than when that photo was taken … and that’s about it, really 🙂


  4. Argh! I’ve been waiting ALL week for my books to arrive from Australia. My co-author got hers last Friday and has sent me photos with her lying with them strewn all over her. But me? NOTHING!!! It is absolutely killing me.

    What a feeling though- hoping to experience mine tomorrow when postie comes…PLEASE!!!

  5. Ah, man, that sucks!

    I know how that feels! Also, courier companies don’t like insane ranty author types ringing them before 3pm. Just sayin’

    Gave me an idea for another photo though … now to work out how I can do this without the aid of another person. The photos I took required hte assistance of an upturned laundry basket and a pile of books I fould lying around.

    Upturning laundry baskets in my house also presents a workplace hazzard.

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