What were you thinking?

Up early for a feed, then mere hours later to take a dear friend to the airport.

Got me out of the house and away from Boxing Day wake up time. For which I am eternally grateful!

Arrive home to boxes and wrapping everywhere, the Wii plugged in (“It was really easy, don’t know why I didn’t do it last night!”), Grumpy ‘testing’ it and not letting the kids have a go.

“Where’s the present for the wedding tomorrow?” I enquire of him.

It was his job. I did the Christmas shopping. He was given this one job – to absolve him from Christmas shopping.

“Oh, yeah.”

Which roughly translates to “I didn’t get it.”

So, we gather the family together, grab the bridal registry information and head off to large shopping mall.

Sure, I could have gone on my own, but why should I have to suffer the trauma of large shopping mall shopping on my own, when it wasn’t my job in the first place??!


Drove around the carpark for 18 days, before ‘illegally’ parking except there were “no signs”. I think it was just not somewhere you park, not technically illegal. Besides, it was just outside the main entrance, and it wasn’t me officer, it was my husband and I told him not to. He never listens to me.

Off we head to Myer, which was a complete shambles with tantrummy people everywhere and nothing on the bridal registry list in a findable location.

Apparently they were there, we asked, just not anywhere that we could see.

Head off to a specialty store, where I knew we could find the stuff, and went into discussion with the Grumpy One about what items to purchase.

I suggested “stick with the list” and he said “that’s boring, I want to get them something else”.

Trust me, stick with the list! and reminded him of all the items we had received that weren’t on our list. Like the crimson satin bed sheets and frilly pillow cases. That not only didn’t go with our decor, but also weren’t real satin.

He conceeded, and we got several items on the list (and something he wanted to get them as well, not on the list).

Getting out was much harder than getting in. Amazing how paranoid people get when they think you’re trying to take their parking spot. Just because you pass them when they are in the middle of the isle with their indicator on.

At the point of breaking down and screaming “We just want to go home!” we squeezed past the last car, complete with fist-shaking, psychopathic looking driver and made our way home, for a relaxing evening of checking out the Fit part of the Wii!

(Oh, my god! I’m surely not that overweight! Must be the season – definitely!).

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