Whatever happened to the sleep fairy?

Bloody Tooth Fairy Dave!

Left a note for Monkey Boy, who decided that 4.57am was a fabulous time to come and show me. And insist on reading it to me.

Bad mother kicked in before my brain did and I calmly advised him that it would perhaps be best if he left the room and let me sleep.

Before he lost more teeth 🙂

Successfully negotiated that hurdle when Godzilla felt that a cuddle in our bed was in order.

This was due to the fact that he drank close on a litre of water pre-bed and was overtired, and had had a “little accident”

(The fact that he was sleeping on top of his doona, and not his matress protector, did little for my mood).

Godzilla then felt wriggling and kicking me in the back would enhance my ability to sleep.

I couldn’t very well hop into his bed, so got up and hopped in with Monkey Boy.

The beauty of that is the kid’s idea of a cuddle is being in the same room as you, so I managed a smidge of sleep there.

Only to have everyone else sleep in and so began the mad, feral rush to get everyone out the door on time.

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  1. The Sleep Fairy was sacked. Apparently she had run short of supplies (gave too much away to her friends) so she started stealing sleep from parents. Children were on sleep rations and everyone was grumpy. She is not allowed back to the Sandmans Sleep Distribution Centre ever again.

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