Whatever Will I Do

On Friday, I did something I have been waiting to do for nearly 12 months.

Something I’d been working extremely hard on; devoting much of my time and energy to for most of 2012.

Something that has taken me away from my other Lists and Ideas and things I want to get out there.

Something that will enable me to now focus more easily on my Lists and Ideas and Stuff and Things and do something with them.

Something that, because I’d spent so long on it and wanted it right, I was a little scared and anxious about presenting to the world.

I worked myself up, felt elated and icky at the same time and clicked “send” on the email that was to launch it; to launch my ‘new’ and improved baby.

Yep, after months and months of stress and agony, I re-launched my business website and new community area. Real Mums was rereleased to the world.

Check it out … http://www.realmums.com.au

After the Send, I was left in a void, coupled with even greater anxiety; those first few moments when you await the response. It is scary.

And then there’s nothing. Just a buildup and a … well, a void. It has taken so much of me that I’m not sure what to do with myself.

I guess a celebration or reward of some sorts is in order.

And to share it with those whom I love and would appreciate my achievement.

“Good,” said Grumpy Pants. “Can we go to the post office now?”


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