What's A Fun Mum, Anyway?

This is a post I was going to write years back.

Back when I was in the deep midst of organising a night out just for mums, complete with food, dancing, standard bar, an awesome DJ and a WHOLE HEAP OF FUN!, and I was alerted to a new (back then) website that had just started, called Be a Fun Mum.

Ensconced in menus of fabulously scrumptious finger foods, selecting the wines and the dance music for my impending event, and anticipating just how much FUN I was going to be having, my first thought on hearing this name of the new business was “Fuck! They’ve taken my idea!”

I clicked through to check the site out and see if there was a way we could collaborate and expand on all the funness going about, and was, for quite some moments, extraordinarily confused.

There seemed, at least back then, to be an awful lot of

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