When Coffee is Evil

Ah, Wednesday.

I know why it’s called “Hump Day”.

Because it’s fucked.

Well, for me, anyway. It’s just full of crazy, chaotic running around, not getting much done whilst my mind is running rampant with ideas and shit. Mostly because it is programmed to think intellegently, so when it is not challenged, it goes … well, nuts with ideas ….

Today had Added Chaos as I have Chippie’s birthday tomorrow, and no idea what to get him as a present, and birthday parties (plural, because am idiot) on Saturday. Also, someone really needed to do the shopping. Grocery. General.

And party stuff on top.

I took advantage of fuckedness of day to “schedule” in a Birthday Present And Grocery Shop, Including Party Supplies between swimming lessons and Lego club at school. Would really love to not only schedule in, but have time and capacity to attend a leg wax at some point this year. Preferably before swimming lessons at 9.30 this morning.

Chippie chose the shopping centre car park to, first up, have a complete screaming tantrum, followed by escaping from my grasp and racing back to the car, located conveniently in the furthest corner from the entrance. I had a moment of Super Impressedness that he had managed to escape through the Entrance Door, which only ever allows people in, not out.

Except, of course, in the case of the Screaming, Tantrumming Toddler and his Frazzled, Barely Coping, On Edge Mother.

Yes, the door let him out. Thankfully, it also let me out.

And he screamed and screamed “I wanna stay in the car” and I was trying to remain calm and thinking, And I want you to stay in the car, as I calmly explained to him that as much as we both agree on that concept, Mummy will get into massive amounts of trouble, and there will be a complete ignorance

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