When Life Gets in the Way of Plans: Some Tips to Help


I feel I’ve been neglecting you for some time and I feel terribly, horribly awful about it.

I have also missed you all greatly.

You see … I had some plans … and Life got in the way of them.

I’m not sure if it is just me (and a select group of others, I’m sure) who has this special ability to set goals, write lists, organise stuff, or simply just think about what is happening for the day only to have an entire tool box – not just a spanner – tossed into the mix.

Actually, a tool box may come in handy.

If Chaos was a product you could purchase, and resembled the proverbial Spanner In The Works, then that is my Life.


Well, almost – every now and again, but not very often, I have a day where Nothing happens, and I am left feeling awkward, wary, and a little like something is missing.

Also bored.

That’s my Life in a nutshell. With extra nuts.

It’s not all bad.

You see, aside from this little piece of my heart; this website and blog, and the writing I do for it, I do Other Stuff.

Essentially, I am a writer in a broader sense. I do stuff for me, I do stuff for others, and my range is quite broad. Also, being a writer at heart, I relish any and all opportunities to do so. It is a sad day when I have to knock something back for various reasons.

In the last fortnight, I was acquired by a large corporation to do some writing for them. Writing that could make a difference to the people who work there, and their customers and clients.

Plans were arranged, schedules re-scheduled, organised stuff re-organised and, as a Family, and as a self-employed writer, we made it work so no one was compromised in my new schedule (which also takes me out of the office some days, so shoes …. several pairs … needed to be purchased. It was horrible,

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