Where are my underpants?!

I’ve been washing all week.

LOADS of washing every day for the last week.

At least 3 per day, sometimes more. I haven’t manged to get around to the towels this week.

And I can’t find any underpants. Except those that are still in my drawer from well pre-Chippie that cause the blood flow to my lower extremeties to be cut off, and a major depression when I attempt to squeeze my largish bum into them. Ok, thighs. They don’t quite make it past the thighs without producing gouges in them from trying to pull them up past the sticking point.

I’ve looked everywhere I can think. Surely, with all this washing I’ve done, they’re somewhere. They’re not in the baskets of clean washing waiting to be folded and put away. They’re not on the line. I’ve looked three times. They’re not in the dryer. An unlikely place as we haven’t used the dryer for some time and I would have noticed a lack of undergarments in that time.

I even looked under beds, behind doors, in the kids drawers, everywhere, and they’re not there.

The last resort – my own waiting-to-be-washed washing basket.

And there they all are!

How is it, with all the loads and loads of washing I have done this week that my own underpants haven’t even made it for a cleansing?

And how to three children produce so much washing that I can perform three (or more) loads a day and still not have time to do my own?!

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