Where did he hear THAT word?!

Silly Buggers was the Game of the Moment, and Monkey Boy was throwing himself into it. Literally.

He then decided, as I was attempting to drain the pasta, to make his way through the kitchen … with both legs in one leg of his pants, and both feet wedged into one slipper. I succinctly advised he get out before someone or soemthing got hurt. Also made reference to stupidity of actions.

“Can I swear if I fall over?” he asks.

“If”!? Where’s “if” come into it.

“No. No swearing. Ever.”

“But just if I fall over. I could say the “F” word and the “S” word. Oh, and the “C” word.”

I was stunned for serveral moments. Speachless and immobile as several things ran through my mind … “where did he hear that?” “who has he been talking to?” “have I inadvertently used the word in front of him?” … “did I call him one?”

(A likelihood given some of his behaviour of late …)

About to launch into a “Don’t you ever use that word” type tirade, I thought I’d better check my facts.

“What “C” word, specifically, are you referring to?”

“You know, the “C” word – “crap”.”

Phew! Ish.

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