Where did I go wrong?

Our school had a Barn Dance on tonight.

Oh what joy! Can think of nothing better to do with my time.

Besides which, I wasn’t organised to make a cake for the cakestall – so torn between feeling very bad mummy, and relieved, what with all the competition that goes on with this sort of thing. We have some very good cake stall contributees at these sorts of things … this year was no exception!

Mind you, it’s the third cake stall I’ve missed being a part of this year, so Naugthy Mummy Feelings are reaching critical levels.

However, this weas evened out by me attending the event despite it being ‘dry’ – aka alcohol free! Personally, I think this is just pure evil and shouldn’t be allowed. But you gotta do what you gotta do!

Off we went, eating sausages in bread for dinner (at the dance) and stood around in the ‘almost raining’ until we were moved to the hall to do the actual dancing. Forced to participate in the first dance, where the inkling of “Where did I go wrong?” started.

We ate some more, sat and watched the raffles, convinced Grumpy to participate in the next dance (which I could have done, also, as someone had taken Chippie off my hands, so supervising him wasn’t an issue) whist I took photos.

More “where did I go wrong?” thoughts as I watched.

More raffles, where a bunch of us tackled the raffle organiser lady who was passing us by with bottles of wine. At one point, I grabbed her in a headlock, demanding she handed it over. But, as one of the organisers, I think she needed it more and overpowered me. Her daughter then won the chocolate and wine hamper. I suspect it was rigged.

What is this? The Nutbush and all the Mums raced onto the dancefloor, pushing grade 5 and

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