Where do we draw the gender line?

Coming up this festive season we have even more debate on the whole “gender stereotyping” issue.

Yep. Toy retailers are under attack for conforming to gender stereotypes and selling products that , if not labelled “for boys” or “for girls”, are clearly designed for one gender or the other by way of colour.

“Blue aisles” and “pink aisles” are the terms being bandied about.

Having three boys, admittedly, I do steer clear of the pink aisles, but I must admit, with all the toy shopping I have embarked upon, not just for my own kids, but for their friends, and my own nieces and nephews etc, I have yet to see a blue aisle.

Seriously. I have not seen the equivalent of the traditional (well, traditional in the last decade, but not much longer) “pink” aisle.

Also, I don’t like the pink aisle, cos it gives me a headache, and I’d hate to wander up it with a hangover. Just saying.

If I didn’t have things that were more important to me to worry about, I’d start a campaign about inequality and why there isn’t an aisle in toy shops that profer the same, eye-bleed, sickly sensation, in blue hues.

I’ve gone off tangent a little. Play Unlimited, with the support of Greens MP, Larissa Waters, is hosting a

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