Where would you put your bookshelf?

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I love books. Mostly for the purpose of reading them, not, you know, using to add a bit of height to the step ladder to change a lightbulb which *ahem* others in this house may or may not have done previously.

The other thing I quite like is a bit of chill out time, to relax and recuperate. Doing this sort of thing with a good book, ideally on a beach or large bed in a quiet room where a Do Not Disturb sign is adhered to respectfully is my current, ultimate fantasy.

I got wind of Bookworld doing these funky little pop-up bookshelves and immediately envisaged some kind of Ikea-type divorce-inducer or where you were given a small packet of wood and nails, added a drop of water and, voila, there was a bookshelf, filled with books!

I fantasised for a while about seeing if I could get one that would fit neatly in the bedroom doorway, to prevent anyone from walking in and saying

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  1. Overwhelmed overwhelmed overwhelmed. My head is exploding with the idea of books! Can’t think straight enough to come up with anywhere near me that I could take advantage of, but I HAVE easy access to as many books as I want anyway. I’d like to see (well I’d probably never get there, but ykwim) pop-up bookshelves in areas where public library access is limited – possibly a talking bookshelf in an aged care facility where many residents no longer have the sight to read regular books, or in a rural or indigenous community. BOOKS!

  2. Ohh a bookshelf at the entry of the supermarket !! Not only the kids would be delighted but I wouldn’t be able to go shoping any more… I’d stop there and that would be it !

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