Which Amy Winehouse are we talking about?

I don’t normally write about stuff like this, because, well I just don’t.

But this has got my Cranky Pants on and I couldn’t let it go.

I also have to preface this with the fact that I’m not an Amy Winehouse fan. Nor am I “not a fan”. I can give or take her music, I haven’t followed, per se, news items about her, and if I’m really honest, if one of her songs came on the radio, I wouldn’t have a clue that it was her.

Yes, I was saddened by news of her recent death. As I am with that of any 27 year old. Or anyone, really. I’m saddened by death, in general. I was even a little shocked by it, in a passing “oh, how sad” thought.

I mean no disrespect by that, at all. If we’re ALL honest with ourselves, we do think that, fleeting “how sad” or “how tragic” thoughts about anyone who is not a part of our lives. It is sad.

I saw the sad news on my Twitter feed, and clicked through to an article, I think from The Age, but I can’t be 100% on that, about the raw talent, the up and coming, rising star. An amazing talent, who had her whole life ahead of her and what a tragedy her loss is to the music industry … and more.

Again, I don’t mean any disrespect, but my first thought was Is this the same Amy Winehouse?

Why’d I think that? Because, whilst knowing little about her, I do agree that the loss of someone – musically or otherwise – talented is a tragic loss to any industry.

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  1. Thank you!

    Now I know what has been bothering me about the whole thing. It wasn’t so much what I thought about her or her music, but how she was perceived and portrayed by the media, coupled with the complete backflip as soon as she died. It all seemed a tad bizarre – so little was said about her music before this… by anyone…

    Once again, you’ve nailed it, Amanda!

  2. To be honest I have seen this happen a lot when someone dies famous or not. It seems like a cultural norm not to speak ill of the dead and to sanctify the dead person even if they were not so nice when they were alive (except maybe in the case of say a terrorist). Not that I have any idea of whether she was a nice person or not.
    I do agree that maybe, only maybe, if she’d had less slander and more support she might have had a better chance of surviving.
    But at the same time I’m not sure I like the glossing over of her addiction that seems to be happening as I think it’s better served as a warning that you could waste your life terribly like Amy ended.

  3. Absolutely!

    I guess what I’m also getting at is that, at the time I wrote the post, it wasn’t confirmed that she had actually died of drugs and/or alcohol … and I’m kinda angry that everyone (the media, anyway) is alluding to that.

    Is it confirmed yet? How she died?

    (I’ve been otherwise occupied today and haven’t caught up with the latest :))

  4. I think the reports are that the autopsy is inconclusive. It is a little unfair that people are assuming it’s drugs but at the same time my gut feeling is that even if she wasn’t taking anything the beating she gave her body has contributed to it. Being that she had onset of emphasemia (sp?) her body was probably pretty fragile even if she wasn’t still using.

  5. I totally agree…I love a good gossip but our culture today is taking things too far. The fact that it takes a death for people to say something nice or be more compassionate towards others makes me sad. Are we savages?

    There was no drugs found at her bedside but her agent and parents confirmed she had been having a “hard time” recently. The definitive autopsy and toxicology results will take a few weeks to months.

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