Who is the kid?

Lovely, relatively calm day, with normalness in full swing (yes, Godzilla back at kinder)

All went well all day.

Until the after dinner, watch TV family time, where Monkey Boy – adequately taught by Grumpy Pants – was pretending to punch Grumpy in the eye (just as he had been shown) and missed.

Well, technically got. You see, he missed the miss.

Grumpy then went off his nut, until I explained where Monkey Boy had learnt it.

Then he went more off his nut.

Then, he decided that it was a good time to teach Monkey Boy how to play “Knuckles“.

What was wrong with Junior Scrabble or Monopoly I’m not sure, so Knuckles it was.

Unfortunately, Monkey Boy, being six, has not yet worked out when enough is enough.

More unfortuately, Grumpy Pants, being 46, hasn’t either.

So I was required to separate them when the back of Monkey Boy’s hand was quite red (although there was no way he was gonna give up) and Grumpy Pants got that “There’s no way I’m gonna let you beat me!” look in his eye.

Right next to the small lump that was forming on his eyebrow. Monkey Boy’s co-ordination when it comes to games of Knuckles still leaves a bit to be desired.

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