Who is this "We"?

Sharing is something that all parents encourage (don’t they??)

But how does a four year old really understand the concept.

Mine does. At times. It astounds me. How he can know this so completely. Surely this is not normal for a child.

He sat quietly and ate his snack whilst I prepared mine.

He consumed everything and brought the plate over to me.

He watched me finish putting mine together.

“Can I has some?”

“No, it is mine.”

(nothing like a good role model to teach the concept of sharing)

“But I like it. And we like to share. You has to give me some. We like to share.”

Who is this “we”?

Surely he’s not talking about me (or himself for that matter). I don’t like to share. I like to eat in peace and not share. I like to eat everything on my plate with No Help.

“No. It’s mine. I’m not sharing.”

“But I like it and we like to share” he says, reaching for my snack, and executing a perfect grab-and-run.

“We” are not amused.

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