Who said getting kids to eat was hard?

A lovely family day out, visiting museums and feeding the seagulls in the park all the good biscuits and leaving us with cheese sandwiches to eat.

We caught some trams (yes, thank you all those lovely, courteous people who pushed past my hubby with the pram, and pushed my 6 and 9 year olds out of the way so you wouldn’t miss the tram – despite us having been there well before you were. And to those who pushed past us when we were attempting to lift the stroller, laden with baby, onto the tram. Much appreciated!), wandered around and looked at things and had a lovely day.

A few minor incidents of whinging and complaining and asking repeatedly if they can watch a Star Wars DVD tonight, and some not listening when we asked them to do things (but very minor, I was impressed) and lots more non-stop asking if they can watch a Star Wars DVD when we get home. Grumpy, finally had it with the non-ceasing requests, eventually makes a request of his own. Actually, I lie – he gets so pent up, he totally bypasses the “Please stop now” request and just goes for the throat.

“If anyone mentions Star Wars or does any Star Wars noises or actions or Lightsabre fighting or anything the DVD will not go on tonight!”

I saw my opportunity and seized it with both hands, and started having Lightsabre fights as we’re walking up Collins Street and repeating whatever gibberish I can remember from the movie as loudly as possible. Monkey Boy turns and looks at me – the “You’re such an idiot” look and I yell “WOO HOOOOOO! No Star Wars DVD tonight, coz someone did Star Wars stuff! In your face, I WIN! So, ner!” With my arms in the air, of course. Lots of big arm action going on.

Got home,

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  1. Text book parenting once again.

    Yeah, I am even more appalled at people’s rudeness to women with prams, to families, etc, than I am at the women who look at me like I’m an ax-murderer when I offer to help them carry the pram up the steps. 🙂

    I was in awe of the opposite crowd sentiment in our dear city (in which you live too, Mad Cow) – on New Year’s Eve we went in for the family fireworks, it started raining … ok … it starts pissing down, lightning, everything. We get through the fireworks then 40,000 people make a beeline for Richmond station. You can imagine the bottleneck at the gates. But…

    No shoving. Everyone in a good humour. LIterally hundreds of people standing aside to make room for a lady with a pram. It amazed me how cool Aussis crowds can be. Where are these people in the middle of the day in Bourke St, huh?

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