Who stole my Godzilla?

The now standard Wednesday morning schmozzle with 3 kids (one big, two little) heading off to school at the same time.

Walked Godzilla to kinder, where he was a bit thingy about going (quite possibly because he wouldn’t stay in bed last night, again!)

Dropped him off, left and rang the kinder an hour later to check he was OK. Sure, he just didn’t want to talk to me.

Got the guilts so we stopped at a cafe on the way home for a chocolate milkshake.

Got home, he sat quietly on the couch while I attended to e-mails and phone messages.

He entered shortly bearing a chocolate. “Open dis one.”

“Nope, you had a treat today”

Yadda yadda, blah blah, tantrum started but that was always gonna happen. We don’t seem to understand this concept of “no you cannot have a chocolate”

Surely its a fairly simple thing to grasp. “No” see?

He left, pouty lipped and stompy footed.

Then returned, and showed me the half masticated lolly in his mouth!

Three times!!!

What happened to the little boy who, yesterday, was missing me. And why have kinder sent this one home with me??!!

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