Whoops, I forgot

After the Favourite Uncle abducted the kids for the day yesterday, taking them to the Melbourne Aquarium to see the worlds smallest giant octopus and staying for dinner, I was left alone this morning with the kids whilst Grumpy went for a hit of golf.

Was concerned there may be yelling and screaming, but after yet another sleepless night and fuzzy, stuffed up head and MUG of cofee, I came up with a brilliant idea.

Yes, I would take the three kids shopping with me this morning. This would a) get the much needed and overdue again grocery shopping actually done and b) kill an hour or two and save me having to think of something fun and not boring to do.

So off we all went, with much issuing of instruction regarding behaviours. They were, quite suprisingly, relatively well behaved; no leaping down isle and running into people. I even tested them by walking down the lolly isle to see what they would do. But they still behaved well.

I’m unsure if I have finally got my message accross, or it is their innate sense of “how mummy is feeling today” that warned them of dire consequences should they play up in even the most minor of ways.

They even helped unpack and put the shopping away when we got home.


Grumpy returned home, followed not long after by the Favourite Uncle who was to babysit whilst Grumpy and I went out for dinner, childless, with some friends.

The Favourite Uncle started off well, offering to change Chippie’s nappy, and subsequently smacking his head on the edge of the change table as he lay him down. Much screaming ensued and the nappy was eventually changed, Chippie given an extra cuddle by The Favourite Uncle then having his head smacked into the top of the door frame as Favourite Uncle attempted to make him laugh.

He’s learning.

We leave them to it, and walk up to a fabulous new restaurant around the corner that caters for food snobs.

Ah, I was in heaven.

Just has to remember how to communicate with other adults and not worry about ordering three serves of fish and chips when I ordered my meal.

(My delicious, food snobbery meal! Mmmmmmmmmm)

Thankfully, didn’t have to remember not to drink too much … walking distance away and amongst friends.

I forgot how enjoyable nights like this can be. Must do it again sometime soon.

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