Additional child for kinder dropoff and pickup, but needed to organise a time to chat with kinder teacher about Godzilla’s progress and school readiness.

Kind of like Parent-Teacher interviews, but a bit less formal. Which makes me feel a bit better. I always feel like I need to get dressed up and present a resume or portfolio for P-T Interviews.

Finally grabbed teacher’s attention, organised a time and did a quick “How’s he going?” sort of thing.

Good, apparently, will chat more at the interview, but have had a bit of a “doodle” thing going on with Godzilla and his group of friends.

The “doodle thing” being that they all pull their pants down to just below their penises, put their hands over their heads and waggle it around.

I mean, why wouldn’t you? 😕

Always being conscious of what and how other parent’s handle this, I’m never sure of what to say. My usual reaction is just to laugh. Not necessarily because its funny, but because I’m never sure what the acceptable reaction is.

Anyhoo, we discussed the issue with the teacher in a little more detail, and how she handled it.

Firstly, she advised the children that they were best off leaving their penis in their pants.

Which lead to a chorus of “She said ‘penis’” and caushing a hysterical meltdown amongst 5 five year old boys (and my husband when she relayed the story).

Taking a different tact, she went with the “you all have one, so why the need to see anyone elses” theory.

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