Who's Idea? But some good ideas

Business (telephone) meeting scheduled for 8am.

Thought his was a good – nay, great – time to do it.

Kids would be just up, and therefore entertaining themselves, and Grumpy was heading off to the his workshop at this time.

I discovered that I have a severe inability to articulate at this hour of morning. Even after one MUG of coffee and another by my side during the conversation.

I also discovered that I am somewhat deluded, as, regardless of what time it is, kids are physically incapable of entertaining themselves whilst Mummy is on the phone.

Off to birthday party at one of those feral play centres – one of those ones where you are just physically unable to see the kids wherever they are, short of actually climbing in after them and getting your sizeable arse stuck in the slides.

Early lunch party, left at 4pm.

Supposed to be meeting Grumpy for his workshop, usual babysitters unavailable. Mum at the party offers to take the kids. All night. And take them to school tomorrow. Godzilla doesn’t go, but we could just pick him up from there (means having to get up and go to school, though).

All sorted, get home have nice bath ALL TO MYSELF! Have a nice dinner, with NO sharing, NO farting or stupid conversations at the dinner table, and head off.

Then it occurs to me that the Mum who took my kids has ONE daughter. How is she going to cope with two boys?

And my two boys?

Ah, well, I’m sure she’ll work it out. I just hope she survives it.

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