Who's the kid?

We have a finger sucker.

He was gonna give up when he was five, but when that got a bit close, he decided six was the go.

When that came around, he felt that 10 was a more appropriate age to be giving up finger sucking.

We also have a Grumpy Fucker.

He, ocassionally, gets really grumpy and decides, sometimes, that there is something that he doesn’t like and wants to change it.

Immediately. There and then.

Sadly, both of them are males.

And, oh sooooooo alike.

Like when they both decide, at the same time, that they are going to behave like three year olds.

Not that you can tell them that.

It was inevitable, then, that the testosterone-fuelled argument surrounding the finger sucking, with absolutely no sign of relenting by either party, turned into the stubborn, childish behaviour.

“If you keep sucking your fingers, I’m going to put bandaids on them.”

“Go on then.”

“And tobasco sauce!”

“Go on then.”

“I will.’

“Go on then!”

“I will!”

“Go on then!!”

“I will!!”

(you get the gist – this went for hours)


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