Why do I bother, Interesting food concepts and .. where has my mind gone …

Well, on the upside, the school project made it to school.

Hooray! No longer my problem.

Whether it actually made it into the teacher’s hands or not is another story.

Back at home, I look at the house, which has been significantly ignored whilst me attention was tuned into space stuff. I think now would be a good time to wash Chippie’s cot sheets, so off they come. Along with the pants he is wearing, covered in cat food after a short stint out the back.

He’s at that bulldozer stage, where he basically crawls in a straight line regardless of what is in his way. Cat food include. Or cat for that matter. The cat is learning, however, unlike the 9 month old.

Strip him and his cot, stuff it all in the wash and contemplate lunch. An interesting task given that shopping, along with the housework, was also given a back seat.

Cous cous it is then. I’m not sure if babies eat cous cous, but we’ll give it a go, and I whip something up.

Twenty minutes later, I strip Chippie of his cous cous covered clothes, and place the cous cous encrusted baby into his cot onto lovely clean sheets. Why do I bother?

Whilst I’m here, why did I bother getting dressed this morning? I’m covered in cous cous as well. Even my hair, but that’s not a biggy, because I’m pretty sure I’m scheduled for a shower today.

I consider changing, but don’t actually feel there is much point. I see now point in putting clean clothes on. And I’m still trying to work out why I concerned myself with doing it this morning.


Oh, yeah! That’s right. I got dressed so I could take the kids to school. Now it’s all coming back to me.



Oh, bugger, they finish in 3 minutes. I should probably go pick them up.

Now that I’ve remembered …

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