Why do I do it?

I make an effort to do the right thing and help people out and something always bites me on the bum.

Not necessarily comes back to do it, just makes my life difficult.

Had arranged for Grumpy to help man the sausage sizzle fundraiser thing for kinder. Whilst I entertained the kids.

Returned to pick him up to discover that a replacement parent had not appeared.

So I filled in.

Which meant that I was delayed in organising a gift pack for a fundraising dinner tomorrow night that I needed to get to the organiser this afternoon.

Of course, by the time I finished with the sausage sizzle, it was almost dinner time at our place. Gift pack collating delayed further. And then I discovered I had nothing to put the pack together in.

Ran out to car – flat battery. What the fuck!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Grumpy, my knight in shining armour, got the car started for me.

So I believed him when he said “You’ll be right” when I asked if my can would start after I’d got the box I needed.

Couldn’t find what I wanted, settled on the next best thing, and headed home.

Right after ringing Grumpy and saying “Get the kids out of the bath and bring the jumper leads with you!”

Pack assembled and dropped off to organiser.

I didn’t have the heart to tell her the story behind it, but at least she was grateful for my contribution.

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