Why do I get sucked in every time?


I”m sure it’s coz I have a Grumpy arse husband. At times.

Chippie, some months ago, was being fickle about his sipper cups. We were trying to find one that he would take to, thus, we had several on the go. And I was always on the lookout for more.

And there they were … massively discounted. Like massively! One eighth the RRP or something. So I grabbed myself two, and Grumpy couldn’t complain, because they were massively discounted. Although really, that didn’t stop him.

I know why there were massively discounted. Because they are crap, and the supermarket thought they’d suck some sucker into purchasing them instead of chucking them. And suck a sucker in they did!


Have spent last few days doing complete changes of baby, and mopping up various spills on floors in various parts of the house. Did I mention the crapness of massively discounted sipper cups?

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