Why do I try to be organised

Curriculum day today.

Godzilla at kinder, so plan to do the (well overdue, again!) grocery shopping with Monkey Boy.

How I could tell it was well overdue was that we didn’t have enough milk.

Not enough for my coffee and Godzilla’s 5 weetbix.

Not enough, really, for Godzilla’s 5 weetbix. Forget my coffee.

Grumpy decided that Godzilla could have nutri grain instead.

(As we didn’t have enough milk, I felt that attempting to encourage toast for breakky would have been a good thing. But what do I know?)

Godzilla quickly informed the neighbourhood that he didn’t like nutrigrain, so Grumpy Pants happily prepared it for him.

Then left for work.

Which was nice of him to leave me something to do.

After 40 minutes if kicking and screaming, Godzilla sat and ate his bowl of partially dry 5 weetbix and bowl of nutrigrain.

Then we left late for kinder.

My day is nicely planned now, including shopping, work projects that need attention and a nicely formulated To Do List ready for action.

Receive call from MIL, who informs me that my (very kind, considerate and non-communicative) husband has rung to say Monkey Boy is at a loose end and would he like to go out for the day with her and several of his cousins.

Sure. That means I can do everything I had planned, without Monkey Boy. That could work.

Except that my kind and considerate husband and his entire family have no concept of time what so ever.

So, Monkey Boy’s depature time was somewhat later than planned for.

Throwing out my entire plans for the day.

Monkey Boy’s return time was considerably later than anticipated, leaving me with a tired and grumpy little boy to take out for dinner with childless friends we had not seen for quite some time.


And my To Do List is looking somewhat robust.

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