Why I Can't People Right Now

I don’t often express myself to this level, but in the vein of honestly the last few months have been dragging me down.

Not at a personal level, or not all of it. Yes, personally, I have been living day to day with some somewhat draining, well, crap. Things that are frustrating. Things that are making me sad. Or angry. Or just leaving me feeling completely and utterly useless.

But that’s life, ‘eh?

I deal with it – although, really, I seriously dislike that term – or simply work with it as it is nothing more than it is what it is. I do the best I can, with what I have, in the situations I’m in, with the people involved.

No, what’s really getting me down, and making me want to not live on this planet any more, goes well beyond the confines of the walls of my own house, and my own head.


If I’m brutally honest, it’s not a new thing. It’s been years that these thoughts have been doing the rounds in my head.

The recent terrorist attacks in Paris (and, once again, I am loathe to even discuss something that is currently “in the news” and that everyone is talking about) that has tipped me to the point I need to say something.

It’s not the shootings and suicide bombings themselves,

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