Why is it?

Why is it, that as your belly expands during pregnancy so, too, does the frequency with which you drop things, spill things onto the floor, or kick things under the coffee table?

Its not like there is an obvious point to it.

Really, things are hard enough as it is, without having to repetitivley bend over, wipe things up or lie on the floor to reach things under the couch.

Unless, of course, the point is that you are active?

Hmm, maybe?

So far today, I have knocked a pile of plastic cups out of the cupboard, spreading them over the floor, dropped the shopping list under the couch, dropped my cup full of water onto the floor (so a pick up and a mop up in one), knocked a cup of juice off the bench, kicked my slippers under the bed, and dropped the washing basket, full of clean dry clothes, tipping clean dry clothes across floor … and that’s just what I can remember.


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