Why Teenagers Need To Know Algebra

OMG! I don’t believe it!

I will admit that this came as quite a shock to me, but I have discovered a practical use for algebra!

Not least is the fact that whilst I was accepted into Advanced Maths in Year 10, I soon returned to normal maths because I was getting a constant pain in my forehead. No, not from banging my head against a wall from trying to understand it, although it was hard work, but because it was so freaking boring that I think I kept falling asleep and smacking my forehead on the desk.

I was most definitely an advocate for the Abolition of Algebra because I could see no point to it then, nor have I been able to see any point to it since I left school.

That is until my experiences with my thirteen-year-old who is not only going through puberty, but has the added funness of being in complete denial about the whole thing and hiding in the bathroom requesting I stop speaking to him.

Ultimately, this kind of behaviour is only going to make me more obnoxious and annoying because, well, I can be and it

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