Why Yoga is Stressful for you

I have, once again, embarked on a Wii Fit journey so that I may remove my belly from my lap when I sit down, and leave my lap for more important things. Like resting my wine glass one when I have no coffee table to utilised.

Since just after Christmas, and before New Year, just after the arrival of the DVD sized Wii Fit Plus under the Christmas tree, I have set myself a routine. One that actually involves the Wii Fit Plus and some yoga and muscle routines. So strict am I with my new routines, that I went for a short walk the other morning, asking my ten year old to ensure my Wii Fit program was set up for my return.

Quite surprisingly, it wasn’t and he and his friend were on a Mario Galaxy mission. So I told them to get off, with not a care in the world about whether his friend would be peeved, or he would be embarrassed. My thighs, my thighs people, had a hold on

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  1. MC, thanks for the laugh, I needed it badly and my head is now filled with the hilarious visions of you doing yoga and the actual possibility that Nintendo will actually release a yoga program for mums asking you if you are unbalanced cos you are pissed! LOL

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