Wibbly Wobbly One, and why babies cry when they teeth …

Long week, and dinner with friends tonight, so attempted a “rest” in the afternoon after doing some work this morning.

Monkey Boy decided he wanted to “fight” again. What is it with testosterone?

So, off the boys went (yes, big one inlcuded) to fight on our bed, while I grabbed my latest chick-lit book and lay on the couch.

When I hear “Mummy, my wibbly wobbly came out!”

Oh, fuck, I bet Grumpy has smacked him in the mouth or done something stupid.


Out he runs, excited with a teensy tiny tooth in his hand.

And blood running down his chin!

He then had to set about convincing me that, no, Grumpy hadn’t done anything stupid and it just fell out by itself.

So, over dinner, I thought I’d better find out just how the tooth fairy operates. Didn’t want to do anything wrong.

I asked the question – what happens to the tooth now?

“Well, it flies in an aeroplane and goes under your pillow and the Tooth Fairy sneaks into your room and then he or she, i don’t know which, steals it!”

Mmm, ok. Then I wanted to know what happens – hoping that the tooth fairy wasn’t now required to hand over his or her credit card. There’s 20 teeth you know, it adds up.

“Well, the Tooth Fairy gives the tooth to babies, and that’s how babies get their teeth.”

Awww, cute.

“Yep, he or she, I don’t know which, sneaks into the babies room and sticks the tooth up their bum and it goes up and up and up and then, pop, out comes a tooth.”

Ah ha, right, good-o then.

No wonder babies cry when they teeth.

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