Will kill for coffee …

Perfect plans for the day, even accounting for Chippie not sleeping as I would like. Or at all.

Which is sometimes – more often than I’d like and is in the books – the case.

And the day goes … somewhat differently.

It starts with a call from a newspaper journalist requesting the results of a survey I conducted. I advised I would send them when I returned from school drop off.

Thankfully, Chippie fell asleep a few minutes from home. Hurrah! This is likely to mean he would be opting for a morning sleep. Fingers crossed for an afternoon one as well.

Except that he picked up the “urgent” vibes, promptly woke and set about throwing a tanty, first beside me, then crawling under the desk and having one at my feet whilst I’m attempting to decipher data and put it into an email.

Whoever says babies aren’t manipulative wasn’t around a one year old tantrum.

Give him a biscuit to placate him so I can finish job off.

Email sent, phone call received advising a photographer would be around early afternoon, wanting a baby in the photo, and some other mums. Ring around and locate one, who arrives with a latte for me.

Chippie goes to sleep

Rummage through floordrobe for jeans to wear, hope they’re clean enough, locate a washed top, put on some makeup, kick yesterday’s undies which have fallen out left leg of jeans into bedroom as I walk past, closing the door and answering front one to photographer.

Have to wake Chippie for photo.

Thankfully, living area in the perfect state for a suitable and relevant photo to go with the story, ie like a bomb went off in a toy shop …

Photos done, and it’s time for school pickup, followed by gymnastics.

To Do List sitting, alone, on my desk. Untouched and ignored …

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