WIN: The Ultimate Toilet Training Pack

It seems Baby U and Bosisto’s (of the previously mentioned on this very blog Tea Tree Spray fame) have teamed up to create the Ultimate Toilet Training Pack.

As I am not at this particular life stage – in fact, I am well past this life stage and have full faculties of my biological toilet facilities, thank you very much, with the possible exception of my dodgy pelvic floor, courtesy of my children and which this particular “ultimate” pack does not address – and my current toddler is not quite in the mindset to partake in any toilet training, I have a pack to give away.

It consists of:

  • a Baby U’s Cushie Tushie, a soft, padded, toddler-bum sized toilet seat which you can take with you to place on

14 Replies to “WIN: The Ultimate Toilet Training Pack”

  1. Ok, lets start with a reward system for mum. The more puddles she cleans up, the more wine she gets to have. That sort of thing.

    There should also be a guide to waterproofing your entire house because someone thought it would be a good idea to have carpet right up to outside the toilet door.

    Instructions on how to remove wee/poo from, well, everything and subsequent rewards for all.

    A guide to convinceing partners to take some interest in the training aspect preferably, all of it.

    And a reminder that your small person can’t pee/poo their clothes if they’re not wearing any.

  2. Finally, I think past the pack so don’t require it unless night nappies r involved. But perhaps psychology lessons, to assist those children that have a fear of “number 2’s” in the toilet..for the mum of course, I won’t go into details.

    Maybe some idea of what age she won’t demand that the whole family has to go and see her poos in the toilet. I’VE Done POO’s, R u happy..

  3. i wouls like to know where the chocolate for mum is and timeout in the bath to relax after cleaning up all that mess plus a weekend away from it all would be great as well

  4. Two words ; chocolate & wine ! My toddler is determined to be a total ding bat and wee where ever and when ever possible when his father is at work! H E L P!

  5. a lot of belgan dark chocolate and a really cute guy to massage all the stress out. also a huge waterproof mat and preferably someone to toilet train the little bugger for us so we can just go for a holiday.

  6. I have twin girls one who practically trained herself, the other (while I’m cleaning up yet another mess and getting tense about it) informs me that “I love you mummy but I just like pooping in my pants” She is not quite three.. so my suggestion would be to include a sense of humor!!!!

  7. Just popped over from Good Goog’s site and found your giveaway! Excellent timing as we are about to enter the twilight zone of toilet training again. Sigh. I will be better prepared this time around but I can definitely agree with the chocolate and wine suggestions above, even going so far as to suggest vodka instead of wine. But top of my list would be a large bottle of dettol and a wire brush, for scrubbing most of the worst experiences from my poor mind!

  8. I”m extending this till Friday as sending the newsletter out today … don’t want anyone to miss out.

    Also, I wanna hear some really great tips 🙂

  9. What else should be included? Maybe an overnight nanny who can answer to the yells of “NEED TO GO TOILET!!!!” at 3 in the morning. If not, then a lend of someone brave enough to complete the training process for my 2 year old, who decided the birth of her little sister was the best time to renew her interest in dawdling over the toilet bowl…

  10. I think it should contain a garbage pail lid to hold up to shield your face from boy’s wee’s! that, and a wig so you can pull that hair out, rather than your own, in frustration 😉

  11. YAY! Congratulations Super Sarah – you have been chosen as the winner of the competiton!

    I’ll send you an email shortly.

    Apparently you “sound like you need it” LOL


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