Wind, rain, tantrums and chocolate – all make for a perfect day

We decided – by which I mean, I was getting edgy and needed to get out otherwise I’d it on my arse in my office all day, working on a Sunday and getting more edgy – to go on a Day Trip.

We felt a trip to Phillip Island, on this cold, windy and rainy day, might be a bit of fun.

It started with Godzilla doing his Naked Bed Dance, and Monkey Boy wanting to invite a friend, and me not being able to think of one I liked today. Or just think, in general.

We all pile into the car, grabbing spare clothes and some snacks for the journey, which Grumpy throws into the back of the car, well out of easy reach. You know, just to make the trip more fun.

Off we go, Monkey Boy still sulking, me driving because it allows me to switch off and make Grumpy deal with Chippie who has decided to scream for no apparent reason. Although, possibly because Monkey Boy is bored and sticking his face into Chippie’s when all Chippie wants to do is go to sleep.

Several seconds in and Monkey Boy is demanding his magnifying glass that Godzilla is playing with and was essential for the nealry two hour trip.

Onto the freeway and the “I don’t want to go” starts. I like, that started before breakfast when I said “who wants to go somewhere today” and only let up so they could fight about magnifying glasses, then go back to whinging and complaining.

I flicked over to the CD and turned it up. We seem to have the Shrek soundtrack permanently in the car’s CD player, and it is the CD Godzilla inevitably demands we play. It is good driving music, and has, I have decided, become the theme or anthem to our family day trips.

Mostly due to the first song on the CD, which is, because I say so, no longer an official Shrek soundtrack song, but the official Family Day Trip song, particularly the line that goes:

I wanna stay home today, don’t wanna go out

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