Why I Won’t Be Putting a Heart on My Wall or Praying for World Peace

We’re up to, hmmm … let me think … about the 6th or 7th year of this ‘campaign’ to put a heart, and only a heart, as a Facebook status update as a wait to ‘raise awareness’ of breast cancer.

There have been other iterations; something about the colour bra you’re wearing, or some statement based on your day and month of birth that tells your friends and followers you’re going to Mexico for seventeen months. These both, of course, are clear ways of raising awareness of the thing that people need to be more aware of.

So much so that I can’t even recall – I am not aware – what the thing is that I’m supposed to be aware of …

It’s not so much that I am frequently annoyed by people who have slightly less than zero interaction with me during the course of a year suddenly popping up with a copy-pasted message inviting me to participate in a being very silent about a thing in order to draw attention to it …

For those unaware of this ‘campaign’, only women are allowed to participate in it, and the idea is that you update your status with a heart, no comments, no explanation, no other commentary, and then message all the other women in your friends’ list and ask them to do the same.

If anyone asks what the heart is for, you have one of two options, depending on the gender of the asker:

  • If it is a woman, clearly you overlooked her in the first round of forwarding the messages, or she deleted your original, and you must message her again
  • If it is a man, I don’t know what you do because, honestly, I got bored years ago and scrolled past … um, I think you say something about it being “women only” business, and being all mysterious – by which I mean, obnoxiously annoying

It has been an interesting observation over the years. Personally, I have some message threads from some individuals that are some 5 messages long, dated roughly annually, with no response at all from myself, and which are all basically the same.

No one has yet clicked that I am no, ever, going to partake in such frivolous activity.

See, I have this crazy idea – simply insane! – that if you want to raise awareness of something, anything, then you

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