Word of the Day

Lying in bed this morning, listening to Monkey Boy happily playing with trains (Godzilla was on the loo).

He was chatting away, a little story going on, and adventure on the Island of Sodor, when Percy was rushed off to the engine shed to be “furiously fixed”.

Godzilla was singing quietly to himself on the loo, having a lovely time, when we hear “Mmmm, buttocks. Round buttocks.”

I’m not sure whose buttocks he was referring to, but felt it best not to delve into that line of thinking.

We hop up and organise breakky, when Godzilla comes running into me, tears streaming down his face. Very sad.

“Oh no, what happened?”

“Daddy is a idiot”

“Yes, but what happened?”

“Das why daddy is a idiot”

“I know, but what happened?”

“Das why daddy is a idiot. A big idiot!”

So we just settled on agreeing that daddy was an idiot, as the line of questioning was just not working for me.

We get organised for a picnic outing, hop in the car and drive off.

“Mummy,” says Monkey Boy. “Why do we have arse cracks?”

“Ah, that would be so we can have round buttocks. If we didn’t have bum cracks we wouldn’t have nice round buttocks.”

“Why do we need round buttocks?”

“That would be so mummies have something to smack.”

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