Working Hard/Hardly Working: A Bloggers Brunch

Up at some stupidly stupid hour, which I have discovered some of my friend’s and colleagues are often up at, and which they proclaim is a “good hour to be up at” as they are productive and get stuff done … I, on the other hand am more a little “Where are my pants? I … can… you, something coffee me get? Oh wait … that’s lipstick not for eyes, not good for eyes … where are my pants?”

Still, I did the wise thing and got all my shit together last night, so that when my darling, beloved drove me to the airport at a time which can only be described as “night”, after first reminding me to put pants on, I was organised. I even had my boarding passes, and remembered to kiss the kids goodbye without waking them.

By the time the taxi dropped me off at the latest of the Kids Business Bloggers Brunches, I was in desperate need of a coffee, but we and truly looking forward to the event. I always am, it’s not like the time I’m up or the quality of my flight (which was good today) has much impact on my day.1

I love my job – all of my jobs! This one is no exception.

Frocking up and getting my self sorted whilst the girls organised a coffee for me, I set about working terribly hard; interviewing brands on camera, welcoming guests, giving them terribly articulate information and explanations to things, and chatting to as many of thebrands as possible, to make sure their day was going just as well.

As always, the place was full of fabulous bloggers, some of whom I have met once or twice, some whom I’ve known for longer, and some I only met on the morning, and whom I hope I didn’t freak out entirely.

As always, the place was also brimming with some awesome brands like Breville, Oricom, Brumby’s (the bakery people, not wild horses), Only Organic, AVG (online security) and more.

Sydney proved to be heading towards Toasty in regards to its top temperature for today; and whilst Melbourne can leave Toasty for dead (often followed immediately by a Chilly or an Icy, and back up to Furnace in a matter of hours) it was somewhat hot.

Good thing, then, that Dyson were there again. But rather than having us vacuum the floors of the venue, under the pretence of allowing us to ‘experience’ their product (:P) they had their Air Multipliers on display. You know those fans that have no blades and have you standing their for hours, staring at them, wondering how they work? Yeah, those.



I still never really found out what makes them blow cool air like they do, but I did take a moment to experience the cool air they do blow. All for research for this blog, of course. So I can tell you that they not only look fabulous, and you can easily pose for pictures with them, but they also really do work amazingly well. They were a popular item during the day – guessing the hot weather helped.

The other bunch I really want to mention are Hans Smallgoods and their new O Living range of, well, smallgoods.

No, not underpants!

Salamis and hams and deli meats.

You all know how I am about food, and that ‘good’ food consists of being healthy and/or tasting freaking amazing? Well, I am. And whilst not Food Nazi about food, I tend not to embark upon the consumption of foods that are overly high in cheap and/or heavily saturated fats (those that some refer to as ‘bad fats’, which, yes, they are in terms of their metabolism and other stuff in your body, I just hate using them terms ‘good’ and ‘bad’ when it comes to food. I mean, ‘bad’ food doesn’t draw on your walls, or slash tires, does it? ‘Good’ food does not unstack the dishwasher when asked, or do your ironing without even being asked, either, does it?)

Anyhoo, I am a little partial to deli meats, because, whilst, nutritionally, they are ‘bad’ for you and contain lots of ‘bad’ fats, they are also what can only be described as freaking delicious. Which is, in my books, a ‘good’ thing.

However, I do find they can leave a bit of an after-grease feel on hands, faces, and in your mouth. This I do not particularly like.

This new range, however, Hans have done some magic work, and sucked out a fair amount of the animal (bad/saturated) fats, and replaced it with olive (good/monounsaturated) oil (which is a fat, just so we’re clear – oil is 100% a fat).

Slightly dubious, for I have seen many, many ‘health’ fads come and go, and a vast majority of them taste anything like they claim to taste (i.e. better) and some even gave you the experience of ‘anal leakage’, I had to test for myself.

There was a noticeable – if you’re looking for it – difference in texture and taste, and especially that greasy kind of taste/feel thing, but at the same time, they products were remarkably alike the original. The salami, for example, seemed to be kind of

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