Working Rights for Tooth Fairies!

Godzilla is ever so excited.

His tooth has been wobbly – a Wibbly Wobbler – for a week now. And getting wibblier and wobblier ever day.

It was hurting at tooth brushing time, but not quite ready to come out. Just not “hanging by a thread” enough.

Didn’t stop him repeating “I want it to come out” incessantly at bed time. Even Daddy had a go at pulling it out, but it just wans’t ready.

Eventually got him into bed, and staying there, and set off for the comfort of my own, taking the opportunity to get as much rest as possible before a Wake Up Booby Call.

Just as I’m getting into a good bit in my book, in he comes. How is it they know you’re up to a Good Bit?

His tooth has gone wonky and won’t straighten up. It’s annoying him.

Daddy has another play and, pop, out it comes. It didnt’ really make that noise, but you get the gist.

How exciting!

And its after 10pm – grumble grumble.

Is the Tooth Fairy really expected to exchage tooth for dollars at such a late hour? Is the Tooth Fairy on call, expected to show up immediately? Or can the Tooth Fairy call in the “after hours” excuse and put the job off until kids fall asleep the following night?

Besides, what if the Booby Wakeup Call happens at the wrong time … like when Godzilla is still awake, or doesn’t happen, and the Tooth Fairy misses the opportunity to make her house call overnight?

Surely the Tooth Fairy has some rights?!

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