Works out for some

Ah, Thursday.

A day worse than Monday’s for me. *sigh*

There could be an Australia Post ad in this one for me .. well along the same lines “Thursday. A day where everything fucks up. Even when there’s nothing to fuck up, something will fuck up. And the post doesn’t even bear anything good.”

It all started with my morning coffee, which I had set the night before and it just didn’t work out write. “Insipid” is a good word to describe the resulting filth that was emitting from coffee machine.

Attempts to fix didn’t work.

So went for plunger which turned out just as bad.

Downhill from there.

Calls from hospitals and calls to health insurance companies lead to nothing more than inconsequential chats with people who had no clue. If I wanted to know what was on the brochure, I’d just fucking read it. I’m ringing becuase I need more information!!!!!!!!!!

I did want to add “you stupid cow” but was way beyond that.

Grumpy, taking pity, suggested dinner out at our fave place within walking distance.

Yup, it was a goer. They’re great with kids, have fabulous food (including kids food) and the owner knows the kids. Couldn’t have been better.

The owner isn’t there, and there are 3 new waiters. Eeeek!

But wait, there is the waitress we know. Phew!

The “new” waiters take our drinks order and bring paper and pencils for the kids. Little do they know.

Suprisingly, the kids sat and drew. Godzilla and Grumpy drew our cats, where Monkey Boy drew a picture of the restaurant, complete with the chef and waiters. All in his trademark one colour only.

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