Yeah, about those "Mental Health Issues" you have

Well, now that we’ve done our obligatory “R U OK” to those around us, posting the question on Facebook and other social media sites, we can go back to getting on with our lives.


We’ve done our duty, spread the word and … oh, buggery, wait a minute! Now it’s Mental Health Week!

I am a huge advocate for mental health, particularly in the form of Depression, having been there and paddled about in this little black pool, barely able to keep my head high enough to survive on some occasions.

Depression is such a fun, fickle little creature to be playing with. It sneaks up on you, sometimes pretending to be your Conscience, and sometimes masking itself as the Negative Voice; the voice we all have that tells us we’re no good, or

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  1. I think changing the word makes a powerful difference.
    When I worked in the disability field I learnt the difference between someone having something and someone being something. The labels we use make a huge difference to how someone thinks about themselves.
    He IS Autistic rather than he HAS Autism – some people didn’t get the difference until I said, he HAS cancer rather than he IS canceric
    People are more than the condition, disease, ailment that they HAVE.

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