Yeah, I heard ya! Thanks to Oricom

Ooh, my Oricom baby monitor arrived in the mail today!

We never used one before – never really had the need. You don’t when you live in a shortish, smallish house. Now we have a loooong hallway.

And two very loud other children. And a daddy who likes watching TV and does that “be quiet kids” while turning the volume up … and I digress.

Anyhoo, hard to hear bubs up the other end of the house with all that going on. So, we have now solved the problem.

It arrived when the children were out (thank goodness), so we could play. It has everything, and I mean everything you could want. Especially the control freaky type parents.

You can monitor room temperature, turn the night light and lullabies on and off without even entering baby’s room, set the sensitivity – for example, when you have a loud baby, you make it less sensitive, and when you have a quiet baby you keep it less sensitive – and adjust the volume.

It also has a completely secure DECT technology. In Real Mum terms, this means that it doesn’t pick up any interference, like other babies cries or the conversations of your next door neighbours. And vice versa.

It’s only downfalls are:

1. If you hear a baby cry, it is your baby. You can no longer convince yourself it’s the one across the road. Thanks for that, DECT technology!;

2. It allows you to hear your baby cry;

3. You can no longer get the neighbourhood gossip via your baby monitor.

On the upside, the neighbours with baby monitors can’t hear your late night feeding ramblings, or tut at you the next day when you can’t drag yourself out of bed for your noise making baby during the night (they won’t have heard him! Hooray!)

It’s also go two way communication, so I no longer have to raise my voice, or worse, walk to the other end of the house to tell the older kids to get out of

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