Yeah, I treat my kids different. What of it?

“You treat me differently to him! I hate you!”

*sigh* and so resounds the war cry from my eldest child.

Sometimes, it’s a little more controlled, more a statement of fact or an enquiry into my aberrant behaviour; a calm “How come you let him get away with that? You’d never let me do that, you’d take my iPod for a week.”

When he asks in this more human way, it’s easier to a) see that, yes, I do indeed treat my kids differently and b) to understand, for myself, the reasons why I do.

I treat my kids differently because they are

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  1. Well said. Same sort of thing that putting a misbehaver in his bedroom is a greater punishment to an extrovert than an introvert.

    1. I haven’t heard that one! I think the same can be said about most reactions to misbehaviour – naughty corners/chairs/mats, time out, removal of privileges, removal of toys etc

      All kids will react in their own way to each of these things – not all will work for all.

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