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  1. See, that’s why I can’t be a chef. I like to see people eat what I make. Except my family. Because it doesn’t matter how great the meal is, someone won’t like it. I don’t need to be in a restaurant to get unwarranted criticism.

  2. Can one be sent to a family member of mine that always complains at dinners out?

    As the sister to a chef and someone who worked at a cooking school (thankfully not in the kitchens) and has been a waitress, many many times, I do appreciate good food and fabulous cooking. I also appreciate when the work/effort is appreciated.

  3. I have a new appreciation for food after having lost 54kg (and still losing!). I’ve also seen a commercial kitchen first hand and just KNOW this book will be a good read! I suspect it may make me hungry though…does it happen to come with the chef who wrote it?!

  4. Having just returned from 3 weeks on holiday eating out in various places up and down the east coast and trying to choose where to eat based on Urbanspoon Yelp and Trip Advisor I’d like to hear about the other side of this complex process!

  5. If only my 3 year old could read…. she thinks I run a short order kitchen! Maybe that’s why I must have it to read so I can run her a 5 star toddler restaurant from my kitchen!
    I would love to win a copy. I have ambitions in food without appearing on Master Chef. As a mummy of two small children with a husband who has a unique job, getting a start in a kitchen is near impossible. I have worked in hospitality & would still like to work in it… one day.
    It sounds like a great read. If I don’t win, I will still get a copy at some stage to read.

  6. Hrm … too hard.

    Am going with Cara and Olivia … can you guys email me your postal addresses & contact phone numbers, please, and I’ll organise to get a copy to each of you – YAY!

    Olivia – sorry, no chef comes with the book. You don’t want them, grumpy fuckers that they are 😀 😉

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