Yes, dear

The bath finally finished and resealed by Grumpy, I made the time to have a nice, relaxing, hot bath on my own.

Immediately after I’d shared one with the kids, splashed them a bit so most body parts were wet and sent them on their way. It topped it up, added some nice girly bubbles, essential oils and bath salts, yelled for chilled wine and lay back, relaxing.

Grumpy brought wine in, left me alone for 2.3 seconds and came back to ask “so, how’s the bath since I fixed it?”

Given he’d sealed the outside edge of it, where it met the tiles, and not much else, because there was nothing else wrong with it, I was struggling to see how what he’d done was impacting on the quality of the bath itself.

He looked somewhat sad, in need of some kind of recognition for what he’d done. My “Um, it’s kinda the same as before” comment didn’t cut it. I had to come up with something quick.

“Um, yeah, really good. The, erm, whiteness of the new caulking has, um, yeah, good, um, yes, definitley

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