Yesterday's undies and a bunch of bloggers

I had the absolute pleasure, today, of attending a Bloggers Brunch, organised and hosted by Room To Grow TV and Kids Business

Better still I was one of the speakers during the morning, where it was my duty to provide a five minute talk designed to inspire and motivate.

All of which I had to do on myself, given Chippie’s propensity to work his way into our bed at some stupid hour. What happens from then is anybody’s guess, as the kid has no consistency about him. Some days he can repeatedly come in, wearing us down till we let him stay in, other’s he’ll happily be placed back in his own bed. Sometimes he’ll want to go back to his own bed himself. Once – and only once – did he not come in at all.

Given the importance of the day for me, he chose to keep me as awake as possible during those stupid hours. Also, Grumpy, just yesterday, knowing I had to be elsewhere at 8am, had agreed to an extra shift, requiring his elsewhereness to be 7am.

Much swearing was had, particulary after he phoned to aske me what I planned to do about organising the reallocation of the kids before the childcare centre opened and school started. I tried very hard to allude to the fact that he could bloody well sort it given I’d given him a month’s notice, but he only gave me 4 hours, to no avail.

Raced around, barking orders at children and trying to decide what to wear. Not having a full length mirror at my disposal, nor my wits about me, I resorted to the views of the children; “this top, or this one?” and I had to endure screwed up noses, giggling at being able to see my belly button, having “I can see your BOOBS!” yelled at me, asked when I’m having another baby cos “you’re pregNET!”, the likelihood that the enire neighbourhood heard my yelling “I”m not PREGNANT, I’m JUST FAT, ok!”, all whilst trying to get lunches made, children dressed and childcare bag packed.

Finally, I was dressed and received several more inspiring and motiviating comments from my gorgeous children, like “I can see your fat in that top” before kicking them out of the car as it sped by another school mums house.

On top of that, I hadn’t had much coffee. Or food. Chippie had eaten all but two bites of my toast.

Kid free and amoungst a bunch of understanding an empathetic women was enough; without even discussing my morning. I did catch a glimpse of the guest list whilst checking in (really, just to get the free and much needed coffee voucher before someone was seriously injured and/or I fell to the floor, convulsing due to lack of caffiene) and was a little bit in awe at the calibre of attendees at the Brunch. Thankfully, my level of fatigue prevented me from appreciating the calibre and I was able to go about my business.

I was also speaking alongside some exceptionally incredible and inspring women, including my two good friends Renee Mayne (the Bra Queen) and Alli Price of Motivating Mum

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  1. Hey Amanda – your speech was fantastic and we all loved having you there (and your underwear story) The boys would have love Bruder and Little Tikes. See you at the next one!

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