After some extremely carefully worded phrases by Grumpy Pants, I cralwed out of my self-pitying just long enough to wander down to the lingerie shop and enquire about breast support in a strappy dress for humungous sized boobs.

I had the pleasure of Godzilla accompanying me, which brough back horrific memories of taking Monkey Boy bra shopping, at the age of two (him, not me) and screaming “look, Mummy! Knickers!!!” at the top of his voice as we approached the shop.

Then running around the shop, with a size G-cup bra in each hand (the only ones he could reach), massive smile on his face and yelling “BOOBIES” as loudly as possible.

Thank goodness child number two is different! He just kept opening the change room door as wide as possible, whilst I was topless, of course, to let the assistant in a out as she located various strapless styles and sizes for me.

Oh, happy days. The most perfect fitting bra not only did wonders for my melons, but it was also on sale! Yippee.

Couldn’t wait to get home to try it with the dress. We had to meet up with Grumpy and Monkey Boy for a coffee up the street first, where I handed Grumpy Pants the bag to look after while I went looking for a nice wrap to go over the dress. As I walked away, I heard the distinct voice of Godzilla, at only a decibel level that a five year old can muster, informing his father that “No. Tha’s Mumma’s BRAs. For her BOOBIES. From the BOOBY SHOP. Is for her BOOBIES!”


At least the bra works with the dress. Perfect in fact.

Now … a wrap … and I’m sure I’ll need a new pair of shoes to go with the ensemble.

Only 6 days to go … I wonder if I can make the time …

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  1. Godzilla and I have a lot in common. My wife won’t taking me bra shopping for the exact same reason. 🙂

    I’m glad Grumpy Pants is encouraging you to go. They need something like that around here. I wouldn’t mind a Dad’s Day Out.

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